Effective Ways on How to Increase Your Sperm Count

Running low on your sperm count? Worried about the problem of not being able to have kids? Looking for ways to lengthen the count of your sperms? Ready to do all it takes to take back your body to the level of sperm count it truly deserves? Well, if yes, you have just landed your worries on the best grounds for that perfect solution.

To cut to the chase, having a low sperm count basically means that for very millilitre, there are less than 15 million sperms. This can be a danger in your future life especially when you are about to try to get kids. In order to get the quick solution to this, you must first know the cause. But how do you get low sperm count? By having much Stress. By masturbating a lot. By too much heat in your reproductive areas. Regular consumption of alcohol and other harmful drugs.
So with the cause well known to you, it is now time to go to the perfect ways to answer the question on how to boost your sperm count. For that, here are the most effective ways to see through this process:

1. Avoid alcohol and all other drugs. Try as much as possible to regulate the frequency at which you drink, if not to quit! Make sure you have at least less than 2 drinks a day. See to it that you skip alcohol some days. This will help you boost up the sperm count as the alcohol will stop affecting your liver that in turn affects the testosterone levels in your body.

2. Eat healthy foods. Change your diet completely and throw away the junk food you were used to. Now make sure that you stick on a diet, where you get to consume high protein foods like fish, eggs, livers and chicken. Also go for some pumpkins, peanuts, cashew nuts and some vegetables. This actually increase the rate of growth that involves heathy sperm production.

3. Wear loose pants. Lack of enough air circulation and free space around your reproductive system may hinder regular sperm production due to the clumping up of your vessels. So, to straithen this out, make sure that you are mostly in loose in wears as well as jeans. Make sure you give all the air the systems deserve to fully function effectively.

4. Avoid masturbating. Rumours have it that, masturbation increases sperm count as real sex does. This might be true. Mark the word “might” These are possibilities not facts. Mostly, masturbation causes friction to your body parts and may bruise the sperm producing system, leading to low sperm count. Better safe than sorry. Simply avoid masturbation to increase sperm count and reduce the chances of getting cancer.

5. Live a stress free life. When stressed, it is very hard for your body to carry out normal daily functions. One of these functions include sprem production. Stress blocks the brain from sending impulses to other body parts that are very essential in the body. This in turn affects the whole process.

Sperm count is very essential to your life. Without this, you are simply saying no kids for the whole of your life. This is something you surely would not want to miss out on. So, follow the way to go tips and you are good to go on the ‘getting kids issue’. Value the count of sperms in you and always keep it moderate.


Kenneth Reed