Informative And Educative Details About The Monarch Event Center Greatness

The venues used to hold different types of events play a major role in determining how successful the events will be. This means that it is paramount for every event owner to choose a venue that will have all the requirement of the event being organized. One of the outstanding events venues is the Monarch Event Center which is located in central parts of Austin, Texas. This event center occupied an area of about eighteen thousand square feet and it is subdivided into four sections which are an auditorium, a theater, a lobby and the main hall. This makes it ideal to hold different kinds of events which can be held at the same time at the different venues without interruptions. Some of the events which are ideal to be held in this particular event center include: weddings, banquets, lecturers, receptions, private events, public events, films productions and television productions amongst others.

Some of the attributes that enhance the Monarch Event Center greatness includes that it is well equipped. Having been a film theater in the past and being endowed with the necessary facilities make this venue ideal for different events. Amongst the equipment in this center include a sound system in every place which makes communication convenient. The public address systems in this center are also clear and audible in every place. Furthermore, this center also has bathrooms which are separated with men’s and women’s sections being separate. Every hall in this center also has enough and well arranged seats to enhance convenience of the people attending various events.

Another feature that makes this event center outstanding is that the theater is well appointed with full decorations and facilities. This is the primary reasons why many people use this venue to shoot and launch movies. Amongst the facilities available in the theater includes attractive red curtains and a big film screen. The theater is also very private and therefore even romantic couples can watch the various films conveniently.

Other features that enhance the Monarch Event Center greatness include the lobby which has a bar (lounge) which consists of a stone bar that has a well designed stained concrete floor. A kitchen or prep area is also available on the lobby which makes catering services better. Another feature of this center is the hall which is 3403 square feet. This hall is multi purpose and can easily be configured to banquet seating, meetings venue, theater, conference venue and classroom amongst others. The various catering services are also available for the people using the hall. The other outstanding feature of this even center is the auditorium which is 5025 square feet with a 32 by 24 square feet stage. It is also endowed with a load in door, carpeted walls, concrete floors which are stained, full sound and light production. Therefore, it is evident that the Monarch Event Center is ideal for holding different kinds of events.


Kenneth Reed